The client shapes my mission of being committed, diligent, and responsive to client’s collaboration, mediation, or litigation needs, while using technology and personal service.


My vision is to provide the highest quality legal services by using technology along with personal service.

I strive to meet my Core Values:

  • Committed to empowering the client to make intelligent and informed decisions by educating you to understand the legal and procedural issues in your case.
  • Diligently use technology to communicate with the client by various methods, which helps me balance work and family in ways that keeps me focused.
  • Responsive to the ever-changing legal environment to maintain a stable and profitable business enterprise with the highest reputation through uncompromising dedication and ethical standards by educating and respecting my team.

What I do to Help you prepare for Trial?

Trial Strategy


Trial strategy starts with comparing the elements of the law to the provable facts. The pre-trial discovery process is planned for any missing pieces. It also goes into the type of trial and jury. 

Pre-Trial Discovery


 The discovery process allows for requesting documents, issuing subpoenas, asking questions, performing depositions, hiring investigators, and other methods to obtain evidence for trial.

Trial Preparation


There are many rules that are used during trial to allow everyone to get a fair trial. You and your witnesses must learn how to perform during trial. All the evidence obtained in discovery must be ready for trial based on the trial strategy. 


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