Cristal Robinson

Practice Areas

Over ten years of experience as a litigation attorney in 40 courts with 44 different judges in over 700 cases representing people and businesses in federal and state courts along with other non-litigation conflict resolution methods like mediation or collaboration in a wide range of practice areas like criminal, immigration, bankruptcy, family, civil litigation, estate planning, business governance, non-profit governance, taxation, guardianship, ad litem, trust, and appeal cases.  

Legal Experience

 Frequently appeared, argued, and litigated jury and bench trials before state and federal bankruptcy judges and trustees in cases relating to bankruptcy, civil litigation, family law, criminal defense, and estate planning, as well as meeting creditors and attending confirmation hearings.  

Seek ways to prevent trial by using alternative dispute resolution methods like informal negotiations, mediation, and collaboration along with outside counseling of parties. 

Licenses & Admitted Courts

Texas – 24060505 

United States District Court Northern District of Texas  Civil, Criminal, and Bankruptcy 

My Practice

Prepare for a Fight

Sometimes a trial is the only way to resolve the conflict. You must plan for trial by requesting documents, issuing subpoenas, asking questions, performing depositions, hiring investigators, and many other Discovery methods to make sure evidence is admitted in court. Also you must learn how to perform during trial. It takes time and we only take a small number of trial cases.  

Educating the Client

Committed to empowering people to make intelligent and informed decisions by educating them to understand the legal and procedural issues in their case.

Communicating throughout the process

Diligently use technology to communicate with clients, opposing counsel, and the courts by various methods, which helps to balance work and family in ways to stay focus.

Dedication and Ethical to all concerned

 Responsive to the ever-changing legal environment to maintain a stable and profitable business enterprise with the highest reputation through uncompromising dedication and ethical standards by educating and respecting my tea